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Facebook Is Facing Firing Lawsuits

Firing of employees over things posted on social media platforms is the basis of dozens of lawsuits in the U.S. Many of these are included by the National Labor Relations Bureau.

It is still being argued whether or not employers can terminate employees from what they post on Facebook. A settlement in February between the NLRB and American Medical Response of Connecticut Inc.,was a lawsuit that took place because a woman made foul Facebook statuses about her employer. This settlement seemed more favorable toward the terminated worker.

After the lawsuit the woman was offered her job back,but she declined. However she was rewarded money from her loss of earnings from the termination by her company. Meanwhile, courts continue to schedule hearings of new suits involving Facebook posts by terminated employees.

One such case in the Chicago suburbs involves a auto salesman fired after complaining on Facebook that the dealership’s complimentary food and beverages seemed cheap compared to the other high-end branding efforts of his now former employer.

I think some of the lawsuits are a bit ridiculous. Employees should be able to keep their Facebook private. Most of the time Facebook has nothing to do with your business life. There is some grey area if you are a major representative of the company. So you might want to think twice before you post something about your employer.

Photo Courtesy of Mcdordor2001
Photo Courtesy of CourtsofCambodia