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Google’s Ad’s Become More Tablet Efficient

The AdMob , which is a company that acquires mobile apps, has been around for almost a year now. The company has made 3.5 more daily requests than it did a year ago. AdMob has decided to celebrates its one year of business by making amazing improvements.

The first improvement they are going to make is the formating of ads on tablets. AdMob is going to have 360 degree images and videos are going to be more interactive.

The product manager, Clay Bavor and engineering director, Mark Schaaf, has informed ad makers that they can make these kind of ads themselves by using the the Admobs’s software tools for HTML5 format. They also have templates to help advertisers create quick good looking advertisements.
“The broader vision,” Bavor said, “is to allow publishers to sell ads across different platforms from within a single service, rather than making them go somewhere else to handle their mobile ads.”

The company is increasing at a fast pace. The improvemnts they annonced will only make the comapny grow even more.
There is a Video below showing you how the AdMob works.

Photo Courtesy of SteveRhodes
Photo Courtesy of TechnoKitten