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Infinera’s Digital Optical Network: First To Use WDM

Infinera was founded on the idea of bringing the benefits of digital networking to consumers worldwide. Being a company of many firsts, Infinera’s Digital Optical Network is the first switched WDM (wavelength-division multiplexing) system. WDM is a technology that splices a number of optical carrier signals using different wavelengths from a single source. Through a single strand of fiber, signals are multiplied and channeled, largely reducing the need for cable management.

Since each signal is separated by its own frequency, users will not need to worry about ‘cross-contamination.’ Infinera’s patented Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) integrates many optical components in two chips, each chip no bigger than a computer processor. Rather than using dozens of separate devices to receive the benefits of digital networks, users only need one, greatly simplifying data management.

Living in the high-tech era, companies are increasingly searching for maximum bandwidth. With Infinera’s 100Gbps data transfer through its PIC, companies can achieve exactly what they sought out to do. Choosing to work with Infinera means converting racks upon racks of server space into a single device.

Why take months setting up your corporate network when the job can be done in a matter of days? Besides having access to world class technology, Infinera clients have full access to customer support via a team of dedicated senior engineers who are able to help both on the phone and on the web. Its mission is to ensure your company’s success, and besides offering premium technology and dedicated customer service, they are offering you a hassle-free experience to get your company on its way to continued success!

Photo Courtesy of KonradA
Photo Courtesy of theticketcollector