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New Intel Core i3’s Due Later This Year

We just received word that Intel is expected to launch three new Core i3 processors in the third quarter. Each of the new chips will be reasonably priced, allowing you to experiment with different technologies without the need to justify your decisions. The first of the trio is called the Core i3 2130 and will only cost you $138, giving users a piece of Sandy Bridge technology without hurting the wallet.

The Core i3 is designed to replace the 2120 with a faster clockspeed at 3.4 GHz (an improvement of only 100MHz). The chip has two cores with HyperThreading and givers consumers 3MB of L3 cache but at this price, no Turbo.

The Next chip is the 2125 and will come stock at 3.3GHz with two cores and the same L3 cache as the 2130. This second chip is similar to the first except it supports Intel HD 3000 graphics, clocked between 800MHz and 1100MHz. The Core i3 2120T is designed for small PCs and offers dual cores with an identical L3 cache for $127. All three of these chips are fantastic for good, solid computer builds. If you don’t do much gaming, I highly recommend going with the i3 technology. Not only is it more affordable but it consumes less power too!

Photo Courtesy of yis
Photo Courtesy of yis