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LinkedIn’s New Gesture Features

LinkedIn introduced a new social news service back in March that aggregates the top headlines and stories related to one’s industry, based on the connections shared. When LinkedIn Today was developed for the iPhone, programmers focused on keeping the interaction model simple through keeping familiar design patterns outlined in Apple’s Human Inferface Guidelines for the iPhone. In its first update since the big push, users are now able to navigate through the iPhone app via new gestures that LinkedIn claims to be more fluid and natural.

Not feeling up to learning the new navigational gestures? No problem, you can still nav through the standard controls to cycle through news on the app. MacWorld presents step-by-step instructions on how to navigate using the new feature:

1. Start by selecting News from the LinkedIn home screen on your iPhone, then tap the first article you want to read. To advance to the next article without having to backtrack to the first screen, do the following:
2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen.
3. Once you’re at the bottom, pull up the screen until you see a headline preview of the next article below.
4. Lift your finger from the screen, and the article that you previewed will load.
5. This gesture works in reverse, too. If you want to preview the article that appears before the one you’re looking at, scroll to the top of the page and pull down until you see the article that precedes it.

How to preview multiple article headlines before selecting one
1. This new gesture is related to the one above, however it lets you preview multiple articles before selecting one. To do this:
2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen if you want to advance forward to an article.
3. At the bottom of the screen, pull up until you see a headline preview (like you did above), but this time, keep your finger on the screen.
4. To preview a headline beyond the next one, keep your finger on the screen then slide it down until the arrow flips. Without letting go, bring your finger back up. Do this until you find an article you want to read.
5. Once you see the headline you want, lift your finger, and the app will load it.
6. Just like with the first gesture, this one works in reverse, too. Follow the same instructions, except pull down from the top of the screen to choose an article that came before the one you’re currently looking at.