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RIAA President Makes $3M Per Year

The RIAA is an organization that is completely against file sharing and p2p (peer to peer) music networks that allowed users to illegally download music. So these protect the rights of musicians in the stop of music piracy, ain’t that great? Oh, I forgot to mention that the RIAA’s President made $3.2 million dollars in 2009. From an expose on P2Pnet, President Cary Sherman was awarded a 240% increase in his 1.3 million salary from 2008. You would think that $1.3 million was more than enough, but apparently it wasn’t.

I certainly wish we were talking about some banking executive but we are talking about the head of an organization that seeks to prevent millions of dollars of lost damages from musicians pockets, and here is a guy raking in $3.2 million a year, and who knows if he’ll raise himself to $5 million next year? While the RIAA spends $16 million a year on legal fees, targeting college kids and average-earners who perhaps didn’t know the seriousness of file-sharing, the President enjoys his hefty sum.

Of course one can argue that if someone breaks the law, they should have to pay the price, regardless of how high that price is. To me, the high price seems a little extreme even if it is meant to deter other individuals from partaking in downloading. What do you guys think, does something seem a bit sketchy here?

Photo Courtesy of shankar
Photo Courtesy of arcticpenguin