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Samsung Rolls Out 23″ All-In-One Today

Samsung has just announced a new all-in-one 23-inch desktop to add to its collection of beautiful computing machines. The model on the left is the AF315 and carries a full HD 3D Screen, with 2D to 3D conversion, 3D SRS Sound, USB 3.0 ports, a TV Tuner, and a Blu-ray player to enjoy the latest and greatest movies with the best picture.

The machine is powered by Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge Series, Core i5 processors and comes equipped with 4GB of RAM. If you’re worried about space, think again because its got an enormous 1 terabyte hard drive within its slim form-factor, spinning at 7200 RPM (rotations per minute). The AF315 was announced in Korea and is priced at about 2.19 million Won. That’s about $2,000 American just for reference.

I’ll have to admit that I am quite the fan of Samsung hardware. The company produces beautiful screens, televisions, and mobile devices. While I haven’t seen too many Samsung computers this one looks like a real winner. With these types of specs, users will be able to enjoy the most demanding applications on today’s market with complete ease. I didn’t see a graphics card mentioned in the specs sheet so I am left to assume that this machine uses on-board graphics. Still, for an all-in-one, this would make a great addition to any household!

Photo Courtesy of akihabara
Photo Courtesy of VIA