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3GB Graphics Cards- A Trending Norm?

Asus is rocking two new graphics cards, the MARS II and the Matrix GTX 580 (displayed top). The Matrix can be purchased in two versions, standard and Platinum. Both cards carry a more than plentiful 1.5GB of RAM and each has a dual-fan cooling solution that takes an entire three PCI slots, making these graphic cards fit best in full tower computer cases.

With the dual fan setup, consumers are encouraged to overclock their rigs for maximum graphics performance, although the manufacturers never recommend it (for liability reasons). The MARS II is touted to carry a whopping 3GB of graphics performance, being more than enough to run Crysis II in multiple instances, if you ever needed to, of course.

No information on pricing or release dates just yet but we can expect these bad boys to be revealed at the official Computex show. Whether you’ll need such computer power is the biggest question when dealing with these hardcore graphics cards.

Photo Courtesy of blogcdn
Photo Courtesy of ML