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New Proposal For Apple Sunglasses

One of the major differences in selling points between the Kindle and the iPad is that with E-ink technology you can read outdoors in the bright daylight. Apple has made plans to improve that problem that so many of us have. Their solution is a future generation of its iOS devices. Apple has proposed an invention that is described as a liquid crystal display that reduces perceived distortion when viewed through filters, or sunglasses.

The sunglasses will allow readers to view any screen outside without any problem. The new invention seems a little out of Apples zone and not in their element of products. I think Apple would better off just creating screens that are readable outside instead of having customers purchase their already pricey products along with sunglasses. Also, their new sunglasses proposal would be used more for technical purposes and I am sure it would not be practical to always wear them when you are looking at your iPhone or iPad outside.

Apple’s invention calls for a modified LCD with a layer that “receives the linearly-polarized light on one surface, converts the linearly-polarized light to circularly-polarized light, and then emits the circularly-polarized light from another surface”.

The project is under classification in Apples headquarters. The technology used by the engineers to develop the sunglasses is pretty technical and drawn out.

Unless Apple has a very creative sunglasses designer I cannot see these being a sell out.

Photo Courtesy of Nettsu
Photo Courtesy of K13a