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Gordmans Amazing Facebook Advertising Technique

Gordmans is a company that partnered up with BlitzLocal.com for advertising campaigns. One of the campaigns was to promote and event and another one for advertising a tab. These ads helped traffic more visitors. As most of you may already know about Sponsored stories, which has a sponsored like, targets friends of your fans, and a Sponsored post, shows messages to existing fans.

While most Facebook ads are lucky to get a 0.05 percent click rate, this campaign drove a .4 percent click rate on the first day, unfortunately it fell by 45 percent within 48 hours to .2 percent.
Generally, anything above one is very good. Sponsored likes also cut the cost per click by an amazing 70 percent and cost per fan by 83 percent overall. So, basically you are getting a 77 percent discount. In two days, this ad drove 515 clicks for $76 and gained 418 new fans. That works out to 18 cents per fan and a click-to-conversion rate of 81 percent.

Gordmans found the key to success with Facebook advertising by showing the city name in the ad image along with the geo-targeting; the ads were more appealing and relevant.

Gordmans found that geo-targeted ads with the city name on the ad image performed better than the ads without it. With geo-targeted ads that offered fans the opportunity to check in and claim deals, Gordmans was able to drive customers to new stores. People are far more likely to click on events that are associated with what is close to them geographically.

The average human attention span is about 30 seconds. Most successful Facebook advertisers try to relate images to their audience.

Photo Courtesy of Pierre_Christain
Photo Courtesy of Pugetive