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Kingmax Announces 64GB MicroSD Card

Kingmax announced this week the world’s first and only 64GB MicroSD card. The Class 6 SD card promises read and write speeds of up to 48Mbps which is optimal for transferring any large amounts of data to and from the device.

In case you don’t remember, this is the same company that brought us the 4GB MicroSD card back in 2007, lending the perfect example of how technology has multiplied and continues to grow at exponential rates. Now here’s the catch, although 64GB of data allows for massive computer-sized storage in the tiny form-factor of a smartphone, most devices don’t even support it.

Without the proper support from current operating systems, this powerful chip won’t do you much good and as a result, Kingmax has not revealed a launch date or an expected price. If I had to wager off a guess I would say that this microSD card would cost between $150 and $200, but I could be off. What will this mean once phones start to support 64GB of data? Why that means you’ll be able to turn your cellphone into a 64GB MP3 player. Let us know if this massive 64GB card might be something you’re willing to wait for!

Photo Courtesy of OndraS
Photo Courtesy of zdnet