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LG G2X: Random Shutdowns And Freezes

As an owner of the HTC G2, I gotta say it’s a great phone overall but does randomly restart about once a month. Unfortunately it looks like the problem persists with LG’s G2X with Google. Just like the G2s, the brand new G2X’s suffer from spontaneous shutdowns and it’s quite apparent that Google hasn’t fixed the issue. I say Google, and not LG, because this is likely an issue with Android’s software the and the G2 platform core architecture.

Fortunately, T-Mobile acknowledges the problem and claims to be working with LG towards a fix that should give customers the update (and peace of mind) they are looking for. This bug is not to say that customer satisfaction with the G2X hasn’t been high, however. The bug seems to be affecting only a small percentage of the devices at hand.

Unfortunately, the problem has still not been completely fixed with the HTC G2 as I just had a spontaneous reboot a few days ago despite continuously updated the Android OS (whenever there is an update). Hopefully LG and T-Mobile are able to figure something out for this most recent model, we’d hate to see the G-series maintain its reputation for actin’ funny. Until then, keep an eye on your phone and make sure it doesn’t fall asleep!

Photo Courtesy of gottabemobile
Photo Courtesy of LGEPR