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Skype’s Recent Sign-in Problems

Skype is having problems once again. The voice-calling company had another outage, affecting consumers globally. Although Skype has had bigger problems before, the issue that stands is that many users had problems of signing in and making calls. Although this may not be a big deal for your average consumer, this is a huge deal for business users.

There were also reports of the Skype app crashing but apparently is not related to issues with Windows or Mac. In response to the problems, the company has said that they had already fixed the problem and have a solution. The answer consists of deleting the shared .xml file stored on the system, enabling it to be recreated from scratch. A Skype representative assured us that the file is not corrupt but also stated that more information would be delivered later on.

Previous issues with Skype have lasted as long as two days. These problems occurred because of outdated Window versions of Skype with the peer to peer nature of the VoIP calling app. The issue’s cross-platform nature is a wider problem that is being worked on. Skype’s shortfall isn’t connected to its recent corporate maneuvers, but is a bad time for mess-ups for its recent acquirer Microsoft, which is counting on Skype integration across much of its hardware and software in the future.

Photo Courtesy of AwHops
Photo Courtesy of Mitchozer