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Sony Is Working On Next PlayStation

Sony has recently announced that it is working on the PlayStation 4. Sony’s Executive Vice President and CFO Masaru Kato spilled the beans on the matter. Kato believes that the current PlayStation 3 still has product life and Sony plans on milking the PS3 for a bit longer as Sony still has a number of hot games available for the console.

As a gamer I have to also admit that most of the top games for any console usually come out a year or two after the console has been released. I think this is a normal time period to allow game manufacturers to study the technology of the console and develop a killer game around the graphics user-interface.

Knowing this, I would still recommend PS3 or Xbox360-hopefuls to go ahead and grab their console of choice if they are looking for a solid gaming platform. If I had to guess when the next generation Xbox or PS4 will be at its prime, I would estimate it to be year 2013 or 2014. So, three years is quite a long time to enjoy your favorite games on current systems. I still game on my 2008 Xbox360 and haven’t had any problems with the console, at least not yet.

Photo Courtesy Jami3
Photo Courtesy of Bernzilla