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WordPress Gets Critical Update

Automattic, maker of WordPress, has just issued an update that fixes some major security holes on the system. The upgrade is called WordPress 3.1.3 and fixes media file vulnerabilities. The security holes were first found by a Microsoft Vulnerability Research team after the company decided to move its LiveSpaces bloggers to WordPress.

Not only does the updated WP platform fix security gaps but also features new security enhancements. The update includes ‘clickjacking’ protection for both admin and login pages and is only available in up-to-date browsers. WordPress 3.1.3 makes it more difficult for malware to hi-jack login credentials by falsifying WP’s UI.

Although we haven’t heard from any hackers exploiting the recently found security leaks in WordPress, the blogging platform remains a high-risk target for hackers looking to get a few kicks. Hacking is an activity that produces cheap thrills for programmers looking to get a rise, at least in my opinion. WordPress is known to frequently release updates and patches for its platform to ensure high security and data protection for the millions of users who use the medium to release their creative energies. I believe that frequent updating is a necessity in these hacking times. After all, we see Sony get hacked almost everyday now.

Photo Courtesy of CraigC
Photo Courtesy of LaughingSquid