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7-Layer Touchscreen: Feel The Pressure

Japanese mobile company KDDI showed off an impressive prototype at the Wireless Japan Show, a consumer electronics event that is still going. The prototype represents a new handset that integrates multiple layers for haptic (touch) feedback. The new haptic smartphone uses a Kyocera display. This prototype uses feedback from two haptic layers although Kyocera claims that the technology can support seven layers over a screen’s surface.

Just like the shutter button of a camera, users will be able to “feel” through several layers when pressing on the smartphone’s screen. While I cannot think of too many uses of being able to feel how hard you are pressing on the touchscreen, perhaps developers will invent applications that utilize the feature.

I can envision this multi-layer haptic feedback being implemented in mobile games and as far as applications are concerned, I would guess that pressing harder within an application may release more options or settings. I think technology can be useful even if it is designed without a specific purpose in mind. The best technology results from a collaborative process between individuals who share the same passion of innovation and creativity. I feel that this 7-layer haptic feedback display can enhance what we can do with our phones and shape the way applications are designed.

Photo Courtesy of macNN
Photo Courtesy of akinori