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New Ford Car Seat Monitors Your Heart Rate

Built Ford Tough. Well, it looks like Ford is taking its slogan closer to heart, by developing a car seat that monitors your heart rate. The new car seat uses six sensors that are embedded on the surface of the backrest. These sensors detect the electrical impulses generated by the user’s heart before passing the data to the control unit that records and interprets the electronic rhythm of your heart beat.

The seat was developed by Ford and Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen University and is still receiving tweaks and tune ups here and there. The researchers claim that it delivers highly accurate readings 98% of the time, even through clothing. Ford believes the new technology can be used to indirectly remind users to *drive to the gym as well as sending data to doctors via Ford’s Internet-enabled Sync in-car system. The real question then becomes, how do you disable the system while you’re munching on that hot-off-the-grill In N’ Out burger? No word on that yet.

Ford claims that the system can also be used to slow down the car tot he stop if the driver is about to have a heart-attack or if the driver’s heart rate is higher than usual (but what about drivers who experience road rage, will they automatically slow down to 50MPH on the highway?). While I see this system could be helpful in a number of ways, I am not sure it is wise to leave a 3,000 pound car in charge of deciding what’s going on, based on a single variable, heart rate. We will have to wait and see how this technology is specifically used before we draw too many conclusions.

Photo Courtesy of sherlock
Photo Courtesy of aldask