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Gigabyte’s New Motherboard W/ Integrated 20GB SSD

Gigabyte has just unleashed a new motherboard that has an integrated 20GB solid-state drive on the board. The Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3-iSSD is a motherboard that is based on Intel’s Z68 Express chipset and comes bundled with Intel’s 20GB Solid State Drive 311 series. The purpose of the integrated 20GB SSD is not meant as a replacement drive but rather a supplement to existing drives.

What’s so great about having a built-in SSD is that users will be able to directly install their operating system of choice onto the motherboard itself and keep all files and data on their secondary drive. This means that if a computer user accidentally gets a virus or any other type of malware on his or her computer, the user can easily wipe their main drive and essentially have a fully functional computer (being that the operating system was kept safely on the motherboard’s drive).

This motherboard will probably save you an hour or however long it takes to install an operating system on your machine’s hardware, everytime you reformat (which for some, happens more than twice a year). Another use of the integrated SSD could be installing a Linux operating system which does not require much hard drive storage space, and keeping your most demanding applications on the motherboard, giving you the enjoyment of SSD performance while you use a 7,200 or 10,000 RPM as your primary drive. Bottom line: this motherboard will make your life more convenient! The motherboard specified in this blog is not pictured to the left!

Photo Courtesy of petri
Photo Courtesy of morq