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Google Develops People Widget

Google has just come forth with a new Gmail feature that is set to slowly deliver consumers a revolutionary widget. It’s called a People widget and it’s basically a small sidebar to the right of your e-mail messages that will feature contextual information about the people you’re writing to, through e-mail. The widget contains content from friends, family, and co-workers that is already in your possession but may sometimes be hard to find on short notice.

For example, the widget may display information such as the person’s job title, recent e-mail exchanges, phone calls, calendar availability, and shared documents. In an effort to go social, Google is making all this information readily available for those forgetful moments you may have when punching out an e-mail to one of the execs at your company.

Now, the widget does take up a noticeable amount of screen-real estate so it may not be for everyone (especially monitors 22″ and under). Unfortunately, the feature will be defaulted for all GMAIL users, so if you’re not pleased with a giant clunker on your Gmail page, feel free to disable it in your e-mail settings. Geez Google, when will you leave things at default rather than forcing me to play with your new experiments? Let us know what you think about the initiative!

Photo Courtesy of techspot
Photo Courtesy of kalebdf