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Google Tells Users To Use Outdated Browsers

Google told Chrome users earlier in the week to switch to outdated versions of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox if they want to access Gmail when they are not connected to the web. On Tuesday, Google dropped offline support for Chrome, IE9, Firefox 4, Safari, and Opera. What’s the big reason? Google’s conversion to HTML5 this summer.

Google currently uses an old plug-in called Gears and the company feels it is time to keep up with technology (especially considering they are a seen as a founding father of technology). The current version of Chrome 11 is considered stable and doesn’t run Gmail in offline mode either. Google stated that “We realize that there will be a temporary gap in Gmail offline access via Chrome…and we are working hard to deliver offline capabilities through a new Gmail Offline Chrome Web app as quickly as possible.”

If you find it a bit inconvenient to “rollback” to early editions of your favorite browser, I don’t blame you. What I suggest is copy/pasting any major e-mails you think you may need when out of access to an Internet connection. This extra bit of preparation (while obvious to some computer users) will safeguard others from any undesired moments.

Photo Courtesy of mik
Photo Courtesy of Kree