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Microsoft Profits From Android Sales?

Now you may be asking how on earth could Microsoft benefit from sales of HTC Android devices? HTC is an independent mobile carrier and Android is Google’s mobile operating system, so where does Microsoft fall in the picture? Due to a patent infringement lawsuit settlement with HTC, Microsoft receives $5 for every HTC phone that runs Android.

According to Walter Pritchard, a Citi analyst who revealed the information, Microsoft is also planning on targeting other Android device partners, looking for as much as $12.50 per device. What will this mean for consumers? Well, I can’t imagine a $10 device fee making any huge dents in retail prices, but it may encourage major mobile manufacturers to opt for Windows Phone 7 rather than Android.

However, if you look at the numbers, Android is currently the most desired mobile operating system so it would seem unlikely that people will abandon Android for a measly $10. I think we may instead see a shift towards less Android smartphones, but I always find it hard to estimate the greediness of large corporations. What do you guys think? Drop us a couple comments down below and let us know your thoughts!

Photo Courtesy of 路易豪豪
Photo Courtesy of lai