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Sony Offers Premium 7.1 Ch. Gaming Headset

Sony has announced an awesome new gaming headset that will allow PlayStation 3 gamers to game in style. The wireless PS3 stereo headset is equipped to deliver consumers premium 7.1 virtual surround sound. So how does this stack up compared to other gaming headsets?

Well, for starts, this one provides on-screen information about its battery status and sound controls giving gamers plenty of advance notice to consider possibly recharging their headsets before the next big game. The headset also includes a retractable mic so you can extend it a further distance when you’re feeling a bit over-caffeinated and your friends perceive you as being “loud.”

Since the headset isn’t Bluetooth-powered, gamers will have to hook up a USB dongle to their PS3 to get their headphones working. Sony justifies the $99.99 price tag due to the “highest quality voice chat for crystal clear conversations.” While summer seems like an opportune time to release such a headset, being that many students enjoy their summers off, this bad boy is set to hit store shelves in September, when school is back in session. Do you think Sony is trying to send us a message to spend our summers pro-actively through summer jobs or summer school? Or maybe the company fears they will get swamped with hacks from bored programmers on summer vacation and don’t want to maximize the number of gamers to play on their Playstation network, ha!

Photo Courtesy of MichaelC
Photo Courtesy of ubergizmo

  • anon8888

    What is it called?
    I am doing an assignment and would really like to include this headset as an item, but need to know what it is called so my customers know as well.