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Adobe Enhances Learning Software

Adobe has just released an update to its current eLearning Suite platform. If you haven’t yet heard of eLearning suite, it’s basically a collection of tools that are used to make educational content for academic and professional purposes. The updated version 2.5 of the eLearning platform includes: a focus on creating more streamlined workflows, more output options, and is more user friendly.

Adobe is also allowing customers license the eLearning Suite through a monthly or yearly subscription (as it is doing for its photo editing software). The new eLearning platform includes Adobe Audition CS5.5 and other updates that allow users to export audio from Captivate 5.5.

With the new edition, users are also able to create PDF-based eLearning content using Acrobat X Pro and are able to publish it to a number of learning management systems. Adobe eLearning Suite is available for $1,799 and $799 for Adobe Captivate 5.5. Subscription pricing starts at $89 per month for the one-year plan and $135 for the month to month plan. The monthly price plan for Adobe Captivate 5.5 is $39 per month for 12 months and $59 for the month to month. If you’re a student or a current user, you are entitled to a special discount! Take a look at the videos below for a closer look at the innovative software and let the learning begin!

Photo Courtesy of DanielV
Photo Courtesy of yprime