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Where Are My Google Answers?

I came across Google Answers yesterday while I was searching for something, although I don’t remember what. I was really surprised when I came across the site. It wasn’t the ‘1998 look’, nor was it the unattractive purple colors Google decided to choose for the layout, I just never knew the site existed! I’ve heard of Yahoo answers and Wiki answers, but never Google.

It turns out that Google Answers was launched in April 2002 and was closed in December of 2006. Supposedly Google just didn’t do it right when it launched the service. For one, question askers did not receive an e-mail that their question had been answered, which resulted in user dissatisfaction. Google claims that one of the biggest reasons they shut down the service was due to the limited amount of human resources within the Google Answers community. Google wanted to focus instead on helping users find information they seek (through Google’s search engine).

However, if you consider the large amount of resources that Google has, you would wonder why the company isn’t going to take a second stab at a Google Answers. Where do they expect me to go for my information? Yahoo Answers? Sure there are plenty of forums around for specific topics, but I want options and a backup to Wiki Answers. What do you guys think? Will Google hook us up with a revamped website that will answer all our miscellaneous questions? Wouldn’t that fit in line with their mission of making information more accessible to the people?

Photo Courtesy of jurvet