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Sony’s Last Words Before Court Hearing

CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Kazuo Hirai (pictured top) offered an explanation for the Sony attacks less than a week before Sony’s June 2nd court date. Hirai undoubtedly pins the attacks to the Anonymous group who made a number of threats against Sony, immediately after Sony decided to pursue George Hotz (pictured middle) for teaching others how to pirate. Let me also remind you that a file was found deep in Sony’s network that carried the slogan of the Anonymous group, “We are Legion” and the file was called “Anonymous.” Assuming Anonymous isn’t being framed by some rival hacking group (if there is one), all fingers point to them.

Hirai continues to mention the numerous threats from Anonymous to carry out massive “denial of service attacks” against Sony’s sites. The CEO also was reluctant to offer any technical details for fear that it may be used against the company’s own defenses. Unfortunately for Sony, and laughably for the Anonymous group, the US courts need names and faces in order to prosecute the individuals responsible for the attacks.

Unless Sony is able to devise a clever way to snag the IP of the next hacker, or otherwise identify who causes the next hack, I don’t think they will ever figure out who caused it. I mean, think about it this way- Sony already had multiple teams of detectives (both that they hired and teams hired by the government) investigate the matter, and they still have not discovered the attackers. Unless they are in the midst of some revolutionary discovery, it ain’t gonna happen and Sony should instead figure out a way how to either prevent the next one (although they do not seem too effective in prevention) OR reverse engineer a virus for the next intruder.

Photo Courtesy of akirare
Photo Courtesy of LaughingSquid
Photo Courtesy of DORONKO