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40% Of All Xbox360 Activity Is Non-Gaming

According to Microsoft’s blog, about 40% of all Xbox 360 activity is non-gaming. So what are people using their Xbox machines for? Video streaming. Whether it’s the Netflix application, ESPN streaming, or Hulu, people get the majority of their Xbox360 fix through non-gaming activities.

While Microsoft seems to think this is cool, I wonder what these statistics say about the game console? Is it that modern Xbox games are boring or are they just too expensive for consumer needs right now? Microsoft states that over 30 hours per month per Xbox is spent consuming video, averaging out to about an hour per day.

All I can say is I hope that these streamers aren’t using AT&T U-Verse, as they have recently introduced data caps and overages for Internet. Good thing for Microsoft, they see this widespread use of the Xbox360 as a streaming device a good thing, maybe they’ll be going for more of a well rounded entertainment system rather than a gaming console in later years. Whichever the case, I hope they finally fix that Red Ring Of Death problem, I was just struck by it last week.

Photo Courtesy of Bergius
Photo Courtesy of Talios