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Google Plays With A New Mobile Layout

Google has started to deliver a new update on its mobile platforms. The new interface has a simpler, cleaner look and gives users some new options to make their mobile experience just a bit smoother. The user-interface allows for easier navigation to YouTube, Gmail, and other frequently used apps.

The new interface also carries a dedicated search panel that contains the bare bone essentials (Google News, Video, Finance, Maps, iGoogle, Books, Youtube, and Blogs Search). Through the new menu, search results are filtered down and displayed by colorful icons (ah, time to get cozy with our favorite technology!)

The update also includes an expandable menu option, giving users a similar experience to the ‘full version’ of google.com, letting users search for images of different sizes, videos, news, and discussions. Although the mobile version contains the same tweaks and filters as the full version of Google, I still recommend that users be cautious with Google Images. I do not believe Google has solved the malware issue with that department yet.

We will know more about the new Google update when it is delivered on every platform, but so far, it looks like the update places a main focus on simplicity and ease of use. Not too many extras or complexities in this piece of software!

Photo Courtesy of Neowin
Photo Courtesy of Neowin