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HP Recalls Another 162,000 Laptop Batteries

HP has just recalled 162,000 lithium-ion batteries after discovering a product model series that was missing in last year’s worldwide recall, ITNews Australia reports. The laptop batteries were shipped between July 2007 and May 2008 and are prone to overheat and rupture, which may result in fires or burns, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The new model series was discovered on the HP Compaq 6520 and one of the HP Pavilion models. The recent recall of 162K batteries adds to the already 124K previously recalled within the past two years, bringing the total up to nearly 300,000 recalled batteries, ouch!

The safety commission advised that HP users should remove the battery from their laptops and contact HP. How would you like your son or daughter playing games on the computer with your laptop on their lap? Kind of scary when you think about what could happen from a faulty battery. Regardless of the danger involved, I wonder who will take the blame for the explosive batteries. In the meantime, please check here to see if your HP laptop has a battery recall on it, and please stay safe folks! It looks like the netbooks have been unaffected, which may ease some minds who might have recently purchased an HP netbook.

Photo Courtesy of LouisV
Photo Courtesy of LouisV