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HTC Desire With Linux Ubuntu Installed!

If you loved every bit of the HTC Desire, but were hoping for something more ‘desktop-y’, a guy named Bergfex from XDA developers, got the Android phone to boot to Linux Ubuntu, natively. To do the hack, the user must put zip files in specified places (such as the root of one’s SD card and on the desktop). The phone must then be put into bootloader mode. The user is then required to connect his or her phone into a desktop computer and restart it to get the old ROM loading.

So you may be asking, well how does Ubuntu work on a phone, is it buggy? Actually, most functions work well, but additional work is being done to improve the sound, USB host functions, Firefox, and the soft-keys. Don’t expect Ubuntu to work flawlessly on your Android phone, but it should definitely be usable!

The basic functions such as touchscreen, SMS, and calling works well- so don’t worry too much about turning your beautiful Desire into a bricked smartphone. This is a good ‘hack’ to start with if you are new to hacking as it does not require any complicated procedures. If you’re interested, here’s a link to get you on your way!

Photo Courtesy of 1223
Photo Courtesy of babyben