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Intel Ivy Bridge CPU Due Next Year

We’ve all heard about Intel’s current Sandy Bridge processors that use a 32-nanometer process, but what about Ivy Bridge? The next-generation processor is set to launch in 2012 (not late 2011, as Intel had previously stated.) The new chip will utilize a 22-nanometer wafer and 3D tri-gate transistor technology, bringing a powerful and more efficient chip to the market.

For Mac fans all throughout the world, it is unlikely that you will see Ivy Bridge processors in mac products for *at least another year, so, Summer 2012. The processor itself is touted to be similar to the current Sandy Bridge platform, but, “on steroids.” With the tri-gate transistor manufacturing, the chip will see 37% more power than its predecessor while using two times less power.

In my opinion, waiting for the Ivy Bridge chip is the way to go, but a year can sometimes feel like a long time! If you don’t have that kind of cash to spend on whim, I can only recommend uninstalling computer applications you do not use and possibly considering an upgrade to SSD for a faster boot time. Intel’s solid state drive 300 series now comes with a 5-year warranty and is a much faster drive than any 7,200 RPM hard disk drive. Perhaps one could use an SSD upgrade as a placeholder until Ivy Bridge decides to pop up? The chip to the left is not meant to represent either Sandy Bridge nor Ivy Bridge processor.

Photo Courtesy of wicho
Photo Courtesy of MarkSize