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Samsung Galaxy S II Receives 1080p 24Mbit/s Hack

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S II sold perfectly well on its own, a new hack allows the device to record 1080p video at 24Mbit/s and offer a 30fps (frames per second) video capture. The hack also allows for 44.1KHz 192-bit audio! Just to compare with factory settings, the Galaxy S II normall records in 16Mbit/s 1980p HD with AAC mono audio.

The hack, introduced by HyperX, essentially overclocks the phone to allow it to capture very high quality video and sound. Although the hack is quite impressive, HyperX is still working on some tweaks to make sure the software is fully debugged for tech enthusiasts to enjoy.

Definitely stay tuned and write yourself a little note to google this later. Imagine all the high quality videos you could record with a 1080p HD recording device in your pocket? I guess the only real drawback would be to have enough storage space for longer videos or if you feel compelled to shoot everything you see, like that one movie, Exit Through The Gift Shop.

I can only hope that HyperX ends up inspiring other like-minded individuals to attempt to overclock current phones. The only real limitation with overclocking for portable devices is the lack of cooling. For example, you can’t really watercool your phone while keeping it portable.

Photo Courtesy of Carnero
Photo Courtesy of AndroidCommunity