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Samsung Working On Groundbreaking LCD Technology?

Samsung held a ceremony in Suzhou, China for its new 7.5 generation fabrication facility. The factory will be setup by Samsung Suzhou LCD (SSL), a joint venture between Samsung and Suzhou Industrial Park. TCL Corporation will invest about $3 billion USD in the project. The 600K square feet fabrication line will begin mass producing panels by the second quarter of 2013.

The factory will produce 100,000 glass substrates (1950 x 2250mm) per month. This factory will be the largest advanced LCD production factory in China. The fabrication facility will include materials, component suppliers, LCD panel, and module production and distribution.

Okay, so Samsung is setting up a massive production facility for its new displays that will go full scale in 2013. Do you think Samsung has any tricks up its sleeves that utilize new technology? Why would they invest money in a new production facility while most of the world suffers from the dip in the economy? Japan is in chaos, America isn’t doing too well, and people over in the U.K. are also feeling the effects of a weakened economy.

What could Samsung be thinking in opening up a new facility? Unless of course, the company is onto some groundbreaking technology that the rest of the world doesn’t know about. That’s my best guess. Hopefully we will have something “leakable” by next year as we move closer to the 2013 production date!

Photo Courtesy of helmsp
Photo Courtesy of NFS-974