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Steve Jobs Will Introduce iCloud And iOS5 @ WWDC 2011

Apple has officially announced that Steve Jobs will introduce the iCloud service, as well as iOS 5 during the WWDC keynote address on June 6th, at 10AM. The computer giant will also reveal the next generation OS X, Lion software, as well. WWDC stands for WorldWide Developer Conference and will feature over one hundred tech sessions, each presented by Apple engineers.

Apple fanatics, tech enthusiasts, and journalists will all get a taste of what Apple has to offer in the coming years, at least on the software front. Mobile developers will be able to learn about the capabilities of the new iOS 5 software, including improvements in functionality, performance, and design.

Programmers are invited to bring their code to Apple’s labs and work directly with Apple engineers. In a way, I think it is refreshing that Apple will only be discussing its improvements in the software realm. It makes the release of the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 more of a surprise and something to hold our breath for. I can only hope that the company will unleash flawless hardware technology to couple its strides in the software world. Although, even if the new iPhones freeze and glitch, we can be rest assured that Apple Care has our back!

Photo Courtesy of dekuwa
Photo Courtesy of tkramer