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$35 Waterproof Digital Camera, Amazing Deal

Have you ever wanted to go white water rafting without destroying your state-of-the-art digital camera, or wrecking your brand new Android smartphone? If the answer is yes, Photojojo may have a solution for you. The company has launched a digital camera, priced at just $35, that will take pictures at a 1.3MP resolution (I had a 1.3MP digital camera in 2002).

The LCD display isn’t anything too special, as it measures only 1.4″ diagonal. The camera can take photos of up to 100 feet underwater. While it won’t take the sharpest photos (by far), it certainly is better than nothing, especially when you’re set to go snorkeling but don’t have any water-proof cameras with you.

For $35 you can even afford to be attacked by a shark and can ditch the camera without having to worry too much about hundreds of lost dollars. It would be super cool to see higher end models, such a 5MP camera, sold for $100-$150, but I think that is all in good time.

Although the picture quality isn’t stellar, we do know that at $35, this camera is recession proof! If you have a couple $20’s to spare, slam those down on one of these cameras and let us know what you think. Perfect for Summer 2011.

Photo Courtesy of iheartpandas
Photo Courtesy of OhGizmo