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Archos’ New Family Of Tablets, Coming Soon

Archos seems to be planning on its next generation of tablet PCs. We don’t have many details just yet but AndroidCommunity seems to think that the bee buzzing in the advertisement is representative of Android Honeycomb, and I would have to agree. Supposedly, whatever is going down will be revealed on June 23rd, so stay tuned later this month!

There have been a few devices from Archos that have hit the FCC earlier this year in February but there is no way that these are the same machines. Since Archos is well established as being a lower cost gadget maker, you can bet that whatever they have in store for us will have a modern twist with a relatively low price point.

If Archos plans on releasing a successful tablet series, they will need to capitalize on either a) a new technology or b) price, if they aim to sell yet another type of tablet in a sea of pre-existing computer gadgets. We’ll see if Archos has what it takes to launch a successful line. Until then, we can only wait!

Photo Courtesy of AndroidCommunity
Photo Courtesy of umpc