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HP Executive Scorecard Coming Soon

Nope, we are not talking about the CEO’s grade report, here. HP is set to introduce a new scorecard application that will be able to visually summarize metrics taken from other HP software. The goal behind the scorecard application is to combine operational and management data under a unified set. HP’s senior direct of product marketing, Piet Loubser offered an example.

Loubser noted that if a tool measured the financial healthy of a given project shows that the project is under budget, but miss the fact that the project is behind schedule, the metric would be captured only on project management software. With this new scorecard, however, different elements could be shown in a single view, making it a bit more dummyproof for fresh-on-the-job analysts.

The new HP executive scorecard gathers metrics from 50 other HP software products within the HP enterprise software line. The name is ideal since the scorecard is best suited for executives to analyze overall project performance within the organization, but can be used effectively by all levels and ranks in a company. The application is still getting minor tweaks, but is expected to formally launch in July. HP will talk more about the software later at its Discover 2011 conference, held next week in Las Vegas.

Photo Courtesy of yaph
Photo Courtesy of mechan