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Intel Introduces Ultra-Thin Motherboard: Mini-ITX

It looks like Intel has been working on an ultra-thin motherboard called the Mini-ITX. The Mini-ITX will likely be the gold standard for all-in-one PCs or those custom building slim computers. The Mini-ITX motherboards use an Intel H61 chipset and all are compatible with the latest Sandy Bridge processors.

What’s neat about this new motherboard is that the heatsink for the processor actually goes horizontally rather than vertically (shown bottom). Power adapters range from 150W to 180W, so don’t expect to game on these mini motherboards.

These motherboards were designed with form-factor in mind. I would compare an all-in-one to a fast netbook in terms of what you can do with it. Multi-tasking shouldn’t be a problem, but it definitely won’t handle video graphics too well. I can only guess that the new form-factor means that Intel is working on better integrated graphics solutions for its motherboards.

I would be really interested to see third party manufacturers release all-in-one shells, allowing computer builders to custom build their own all-in-one, now that would be cool! I have a feeling something may already be in the works or scheduled sometime in the near future.

Photo Courtesy of anandtech
Photo Courtesy of anandtech