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New LinkedIn Button Allows For One-Click Job Applications

Linkedin is launching a new feature that will make job applications much easier on the professional job networking site. The update will be available later this month and will allow users to “Apply with Linkedin” directly to job postings. Basically, this will be a plugin that will allow users to quickly apply to job postings without having to re-type their work history.

Linkedin is currently partnering up with a number of employers to ensure a smooth service. The new application tool will also enable employers to add extra questions specific to the position, to filter out heaps of online applications from people desperate to find work, and perhaps looking at jobs they aren’t fully qualified for.

On one hand I can appreciate the development of this new tool but I worry on behalf of the employers having to filter through many more applications. It’s one thing to take the time to type out your work history but it’s a completely different ball game when all it takes is just a few clicks to submit a resume. To me, the plugin seems like a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Perhaps employers will adapt with a couple “short-answer” questions to better weed out applicants. We will know more later this month as the application comes closer to a launch.

Photo Courtesy of tychay
Photo Courtesy of xto