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Meet Your Worst Nightmare: The BodyGuard

Meet the BodyGuard. A batman-like electrical glove that features a laser pointer, video camera, and can shock people with 500,000 volts. Please note, this gadget is not intended to be taken to your next business meeting. I’m not quite sure why one would need this, perhaps if you plan on walking through downtown Los Angeles on a dark night?

If it’s supposed to mock a pepper spray gun, it works as intended. I assume that the laser pointer acts as a warning for the possible attacker to back off, and the tazer finishes the job. The ‘gauntlet’ or glove (whatever you like to call it) has a hard outer shell, that may just be the perfect tool to block a strike.

We are not yet sure whether this special glove will be released to the general public or law enforcement, and we do not have a price. If I had to guess, I would shoot for $400-$600, but this is just a guess. I can only hope that criminals do not get their hands on this piece of equipment. Thankfully there is no strapped pellet gun or serrated edge to this little contraption.

Photo Courtesy of mulletar
Photo Courtesy of CoolestGadgets