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Microsoft Planning To Acquire Nokia For 19 Billion?

Reports have begun to spring up, suggesting that Microsoft might be getting ready to swallow Nokia for $19 billion. While Nokia has three main business groups: Mobile Phones, Smart Devices, and Markets. Mobile Phones would be the only one that would be taken over for the 19 billion.

This is an interesting bit of news when you consider that Nokia announced that a number of their phones will support Windows Phone 7, coupled with the fact of the mobile operating system, Symbian, being undesired for a large majority of mobile users.

At this point, there is no official word on whether there is any credence to this rumor. However, the cited figure is interesting to note, assuming it wasn’t conjured up by some bored know-it-all. If you take a look at the facts however, it does seem to add up.

After all, Microsoft seems like the kind of company that would need an acquisition to grab more of the mobile market, being that it doesn’t release the most impressive hardware or software (Xbox360, Zune, Windows Vista). Couple Microsoft’s behavior, with Nokia barely able to stay afloat, and you have yourself a deal that may just go through. We’ll update when we’re more certain of this though! Check out Nokia’s commercials below to get a feel for their marketing.

Update On 6/1/2011 @ 3:44pm: Nokia has just confirmed that the rumor is completely baseless and there is no truth to it. Meanwhile, Nokia’s stock took a dive nearly 10% as the rumor spread.

Photo Courtesy of jon
Photo Courtesy of jas