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Qualcomm Announces Dual Core 1.5GHz Mobile CPU

Qualcomm has shown off its dual-core mobile processor this week at Computex. Qualcomm’s pride and joy 1.2GHz processor has received a refresh and now boasts speeds of up to 1.5GHz. Under the names: MSM826, MSM8860, and QSD8672, the zippy mobile processors are expected to hit smartphones later this year.

Many of the current mobile manufacturers are already designing their phones based around the processors (and we are hoping larger battery capacities too!). In a world where two cores are better than one, this will mean for better mobile gaming, multimedia enjoyment, and faster “everything” on your mobile device.

With the new processor, Qualcomm plans on enabling HD video playback of Flash-based content to give consumers exactly what they seek when they purchase a luxury phone. Qualcomm is working closely with Adobe to ensure a bug-free environment for the future generation phones.

The only thing left to hope for, aside from a reasonable price, is that these speedy processors do not get weighed down by Windows Phone 7. If these new chips are instead paired with Android’s operating system, or even HP’s WebOS, I can guarantee that users will see the difference in speed. With Windows Phone 7, I think the upgrade in speed is a bit harder to detect.

Photo Courtesy of Carnero
Photo Courtesy of dailylife