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Ricoh Introduces Company-Focused Tablet: eQuill

Ricoh announced yesterday a new tablet that can serve as an eReader, and/or a digital clipboard for enterprises to electronically, write, capture, and record documents. The eQuill ships with a 9.7″ grayscale e-paper display and weighs just over a pound. Ricoh sought to cut enterprise costs related to copying and scanning, when designing this device.

Companies looking to lower their carbon footprint, will find this device useful in helping the “green effort.” The device features a camera, voice recorder, and can receive input through a stylus or soft keyboard. The featured camera is a 5MP camera with a 1-inch camera display to show those “just snapped” photos.

Ricoh proudly states that this tablet is IT-managed, something you can’t find with regular consumer-based tablets. Adopters of the eQuill tablet will be able to replace 80% of the paper from normal company processes. For connectivity, the tablet can hook up to the web either through a 3G data plan or through company WiFi. It runs a stable version of Linux and offers support for advanced scripting languages, giving developers the opportunity to program customized forms that can be viewed through a web browser interface.

Finally, how much will it cost to adopt this IT-targeted tablet? Users can expect to pay $500 USD and will be able to purchase the tablet for their organizations in the coming months. No news yet whether the tablet will eventually ship globally, but I assume if the profits are good enough, that Ricoh will consider it. Check out the video below to learn more about the tablet’s features.

Photo Courtesy of wallyg
Photo Courtesy of kansas