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SanDisk Kicks Off 100-Series SSDs

Don’t think that Computex is a show only about computers. SanDisk proved otherwise when the company introduced a few flash-based storage solutions, designed for mobile devices and ultraportable laptops. First up, we’ve got the SanDisk U100, a SATA III card that gives thin and light notebooks a run for their money (closer speeds to desktop SSDs)! These new SATA III cards can read/write at speeds of up to 450MB/s and 340MB/s, respectively.

Next up we have the i100, arriving in capacities as small as 8GB and as large as 128GB, while the U100 goes up to 256MB. Finally, SanDisk iNAND line has upgraded its Extreme line, for smartphones and tablets. Those tiny gadgets will greatly benefit from read/write speeds of 80MB/s and 50MB/s.

There are currently only two versions of the iNAND Extreme SSD, 16GB and 64GB, and do not have a ship date just yet. Prices one any of these products? That hasn’t yet been announced, hopefully SanDisk will offer us something concrete later this summer. You can check out prices on similarly spec’d solid-state drives and get a good guess, I would imagine. How would you like to turbo boost your smartphone with one of these new SSDs?

Photo Courtesy of MINE
Photo Courtesy of ntr