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SanDisk Spills The Beans On HP TouchPad

It seems like SanDisk may have stepped on HP’s toes just a bit at the ongoing Computex 2011 show. Thanks to SanDisk we are able to blog about the upcoming HP TouchPad. How does this differ from the previous TouchPad? This one has a zipper operating system, using WebOS. Consumers can expect to find this device at Walmart in June and OfficeMax in July.

The 16GB version of the tablet will start at $499 with the 32GB at $599 and the 64GB at $699. As shown in the video, the tablet is great at multi-tasking, allowing users to have a multitude of applications open, simultaneously, with the ability to seamlessly swipe to your desired app.

We don’t have any concrete tech specs just yet, but the glossy screen sure looks nice and a little ipad-esque. At 4:16, you can see the type of video quality that this tablet can produce. As mentioned, it seems like HP took the safe route in creating a tablet that looks quite similar to the Apple iPad, but we will be better able to compare and contrast once we receive news about the spec sheet.

All in all, I am rather impressed with the quality of the video, and hope the battery life provides enough juice during those long airplane flights. Would this be a tablet you’d spend your money on or one of those “I think I’ll wait a bit” purchases? Let us know some of your thoughts down below!

Photo Courtesy of HP
Photo Courtesy of HP