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Schmidt, Stop Hitting Yourself, We Love Google

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, claims that Google knew how to do search, enterprise applications, and ‘mobile’, but could never figure out how to create a successful social network like Facebook. Schmidt believes that Facebook has created a fundamental service as it has shown people for their true colors (something that was previously not found anywhere on the Internet).

Where anonymity is usually stressed all over the web, through the use of screen names and avatars, Facebook forces users to sign up with their real names. On a typical Facebook profile, you can see a person’s full name, photo, and some brief information.

If you’re friends with that person, you have access to many more photos, more information, and their wall activity. Facebook is the definition of transparency, and Schmidt believes that he is at fault for not helping Google go social. He believes that he could have done better as a CEO in that regard.

I still love Google and realize that no human being or company is perfect and I believe that Google still makes stellar products and solutions for the world. Google is awesome, and it is probably a good thing that they do not dominate social media. No company should be too powerful.

Photo Courtesy of NAF
Photo Courtesy of Esthr