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Solar Charge Any Device As Quickly As A Wall Outlet

A company called Suntactics has started to ship the sCharger-5, a solar charger for the iPhone, iPad, and Droid devices. How does it work? Users will need to plug the USB cable into the charger and the iPad 2 or iPhone will begin charging. The light weight, and small size allows anyone to use the solar charger, fairly intuitively.

The sCharger-5 isn’t limited to just iPads and droids however, consumers are also able to hook up their portable gaming systems such as the Nintendo DSI up to the solar charger when batteries run low. Now, the convenience of having a solar charger with you wherever you go doesn’t come cheap. Units start at $139.95 if you choose to purchase from the manufacturer directly.

The $140 does go a long way, however, when you consider the fact that the solar charger can charge your device as quickly as a wall charger. The sCharger-5 is also water resistant in case you encounter a few drops of unexpected rain on a partially sunny day. The charger is touted to be lightweight and its foldable design can fit in a CD wallet.

Photo Courtesy of suntactics
Photo Courtesy of suntactics