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Verizon Announces 75MB Data Plan For $10/Month

Verizon has announced a new value pack, offering 75MB of data for only $10 a month. Before you go crazy on the price, realize that this deal was meant for basic phones, knowing that 75MB isn’t a whole lot of data. 75MB will allow you to send a few e-mails each day without going over, but won’t let you listen to Pandora (an online radio service).

Not only does the $10 offer you 75MB data, but it also provides monthly subscriptions to Mobile email, VZ Navigator, Verizon Wireless’ audible GPS navigation, and Ringback Tones.

While this sounds like a terrific deal, please be aware that these services will likely suck you into ‘spending’ more than 75MB of data, which would prompt you to upgrade your data plan, so just be careful. In any case though, a $10 monthly allowance will be perfect for the average person who doesn’t need a hefty data plan for some basic e-mail checking.

How does this sound to you? Would $10 be something you’d be willing to sign up for or would you rather have a “pay-as-you-go” service that is based on the number of KB or MB that you use? I guess it would be most helpful to analyze historical data use before making these types of decisions.

Photo Courtesy of dtrigger
Photo Courtesy of sonny