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Asus Lamborghini VX6S Unveiled At Computex

Netbook Live has recently spotted the Asus Lamborghini-themed Eee PC VX6 at the Computex show in Taipei. The Asus netbook sports a brand new Atom NM10 CPU and offers full support for AMD Radeon HD 6470M graphics, rather than the Intel Atom D525 and Nvidia’s ION graphics (as on the previous generation VX6).

Now don’t start thinking there is a processor called the Atom NM10, that’s just a nickname for Intel’s chipset, manufactured for the Intel Atom D510 and D410 processors. The shiny “Lamborghini” carries a glossy 12.1″ display, and offers connectivity for Bluetooth, Wireless N, and features a 500GB hard drive.

Owners of this machine will be able to easily upload their media through the card-reader and the device itself ships with Windows 7 Home Premium. The laptop will ship with a 6-cell battery. I think the best features of this new laptop is the half terabyte drive and the latest Atom processor.

Aside from those two elements, however, it doesn’t seem like a worthy upgrade as a netbook replacement. Although, if you want to get a little more attention in your English 101 class, this puppy might be just the ticket. It’s hard to oversee the bright orange hue of the shiny cover, and I caution owners to use a security cable when it is out of your sights.

Photo Courtesy of NetbookLive
Photo Courtesy of BigDigo