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Chinese Boy Sells Kidney To Buy iPad, Now Faces Regret

A 17 year old Chinese boy had decided to sell his kidney for 20,000 Chinese Yuan (about $3,000 USD) so he could buy an iPad, according to the Shanghai Daily. I have no idea what the boy was thinking and if he knew exactly what he was getting into. I can understand when a loved one makes the decision to donate a kidney to a family member or close friend, but how about some stranger on the Internet?

We’re not sure what medium was used to contact the boy, but the boy agreed and the arrangements were made. His mother had no idea about the decision until he came home. Terrified, the mother tried calling the man who purchased the kidney, but of course, the man did not pick up.

The police are investigating the matter, and I think the story serves as an important reminder that these things don’t just happen in the movies. I would be pretty pissed myself if my kid sold his kidney without telling me, especially to a stranger lurking on the Internet.

I hope that the next person who desperately wants a new piece of technology to just wait until he or she has enough financial resources to make the purchase the proper way. All good things come in time, and please at least talk to your parents if you are seriously considering something like this.

Photo Courtesy of MikeL
Photo Courtesy of leondel