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Intel’s Machine Designed For Interactive Advertising

Intel has big plans on bringing a technology similar to Microsoft’s Kinect, but aimed at the business market, rather than gaming. Intel wants to focus their technology on interactive advertising. At the recent Computex, we see a prototype creation on display that demonstrates the concept.

Essentially, a sensor tracks the user and allows him or her to control what is displayed on the screen. On example of this technology would be to scroll through a list of products, while individual products that catch the viewer’s eye can be pulled up and brought into greater detail by hovering over the item.

The proof-of-concept prototype also features mobile integration, allowing the user to communicate directly with a user’s smartphone to download product information. So what’s in it for the retailer? They get the low down on demographics, while the novelty of the machine ensures that passerby’s grab a glance of the shiny display.

The shelves that are built into the side contain embedded RFID tags in each product and a reader on the shelf. When a product is picked up, the information of that product is immediately displayed on the screen. The RFID technology also works well in case someone decides to lift a cool looking item, by sounding an alarm. Now, Intel isn’t planning on putting this machine into production but rather “let others run with it.” As a consumer, it would be cool to see these in shopping malls within the next 10-15 years. Learn more about digital signage from the videos below.

Photo Courtesy of Thinq
Photo Courtesy of Thinq